About Us

We’re illustrators, animators, web and graphic designers – and we just so happen to be twin brothers. Originally from Manchester, England, we’re currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Our animation clients include VISA, IFC, California State Lottery, Epitaph Records, Universal Republic Records and Scholastic. We design for everyone from FYF Fest to Vans Shoes, Chilli Beans Sunglasses to Wells Fargo, from PR firms and Skateboard companies to Tenacious D and candidates for Superior Court Judge. Our illustration work regularly appears in L.A. Record, The New York Observer, Bloomberg Businessweek and various other magazines, and on concert posters on the walls of clubs and bars from Los Angeles to New York and beyond.

The National Cartoonists Society liked the website we built for them so much that they awarded us the Silver T-Square, one of the highest honors they bestow. US Presidents Eisenhower and Truman have won a Silver T-Square too… although we assume it wasn’t for web-design.

We also write, record and perform music as the indie-electronic duo Pop Noir.